PsychScan Pro

  • Stop doing intakes. Start connecting.

    Use your first meeting to connect. PsychScan does a comprehensive review of symptoms and diagnoses so you don't have to. We've got you covered.

  • Never miss an important symptom or diagnosis

    PsychScan provides a valid assessment of eleven DSM-5 disorders and more than 160 symptoms.

  • It takes less than ten minutes. Really.

    Clients complete the assessment in just seven minutes on average. Our intelligent algorithms probe in-depth when disorders may be present and don't ask irrelevant questions when they're not.

  • Need documentation? We've got you covered

    For therapists working in agencies or managed care, the chart-ready PsychScan report provides documentation of a thorough diagnostic assessment, medical necessity, and treatment progress. Let us lighten your load.

  • Track progress, measure outcomes

    Readminister PsychScan as often as you want to measure client progress or assess outcomes. There's no extra work—it all happens automatically.

  • Grow your practice

    Add a PsychScan link to your website so potential clients can engage from their first online contact. They'll get a personalized Client Report highlighting areas therapy can help. You get the complete Clinician Report delivered to your inbox.

  • Triage for the real world

    Not every client is a fit for every practice. Get the full diagnostic picture up front so you can direct clients to appropriate care. You can screen for suicide risk, violence risk, substance abuse, severe mental illness, and much more.

Mental Health Assessment
for the real world

PsychScan is a comprehensive mental health assessment your clients complete online. It assesses eleven DSM-5 disorders and more than 160 symptoms—in less than 10 minutes. Our advanced algorithms probe in depth when disorders may be present and don't ask irrelevant questions when they're not. Use PsychScan with new or prospective clients to get the full diagnostic picture up front. Use it with established patients to track progress or measure outcomes. You get a comprehensive, chart-ready diagnostic report delivered to your inbox. Clients gets a personalized Client Report highlighting problem areas that can benefit from therapy. PsychScan was validated against the gold standard SCID structured diagnostic interview for accurate results you can trust. It's secure, confidential, and HIPAA compliant. PsychScan Pro is for individual therapists. For organizations, please visit PsychScan Clinic.

Powerful Yet Simple

1. Send clients a link by email or text

When you subscribe to PsychScan, you'll be able to send new or established clients a PsychScan link by text or email. They click the link to start the assessment. It's that simple.

2. Get results instantly

As soon as a client completes the online assessment, the comprehensive Clinician Report comes directly to your inbox. It provides diagnostic findings in a clear, user-friendly format any clinician can use. There's no training needed. Client gets an informational Client Report highlighting areas where therapy can help. You can turn the Client Report on or off.

3. Rinse and repeat

Readminister PsychScan to track progress or measure outcomes. You can even configure PsychScan to send out assessment links automatically, at any interval you set. Follow-up Clinician Reports include a trending graph showing changes in your client's symptoms over time.

"The most powerful and user friendly assessment tool I've seen. Diagnoses are spot on."
Robert Feinstein, MD
Professor of Psychiatry, Zucker School of Medicine
"With PsychScan, I'm no longer feeling burned out with clients who are not a good fit. I'm building the practice I want with the clients I want."
Lisa R., MA
Early Career Therapist
"This gives me the diagnostic picture up front with no time or effort. Amazing."
Jamie Rehmel, PhD
Psychologist, Clarity Clinic