• Mental health screening needs an upgrade

    Screening for a single disorder is not enough. Providers need comprehensive, actionable mental health information.

  • Ideal for telehealth. Ideal for clinic visits.

    PsychScan's smart, online technology is a natural extension of telehealth. In clinic settings, PsychScan can be administered on a tablet device in the waiting area.

  • Built for health care from the ground up

    We've provided automated screening and assessment solutions to major health care systems for more than three decades. We ease the burden on providers, improve patient outcomes, and save healthcare organizations time and money. Our solutions simply work.

  • Seamless integration with your IT system

    We support all major EMRs. Automatically order tests and view PsychScan results in your EMR—just like a lab test. Use assessment scheduling to track patient progress, assess patient outcomes, and save valuable staff time.

Why PsychScan

Simple screening is not adequate

Using a simple screening measure like the PHQ-9 looks at a single depressive symptom rather than the psychological state of the patient. A false-positive wastes time, a false-negative hurts the patient and even when correct, you don't know what is causing the depression and have potentially missed issues that are not comorbid with depression. Using the PHQ-9 is not good clinical practice but accepted because better solutions like PsychScan have not been implemented.

Clinically necessary

The discipline of Behavioral Health came about to bridge the gap between Primary Care and Mental Health. The psychological state of the patient needs to be monitored using comprehensive and actionable information to support everyone's work flows and processes. PsychScan provides this information. When compared to a PsychScan solution, the current practice of simply screening depressive symptoms is relatively ineffective for clinical support and needs an upgrade to a better standard-of-care.

Seamless integration

PsychScan is effectively an AI tool that automates the psychological portion of a clinical interview. The information gathered is self-report from the patient and instantly available to Primary Care, Behavioral Health and Mental Health staff and clinicians. Being electronic the information can automatically be added to your EMR/EHR. To streamline the work flow further you can also automatically initiate PsychScan when scheduling. Integration saves time and cost, and just works better.

PsychScan In Practice

Primary Care

PsychScan screens and dynamically assesses behavioral and mental health information in any Primary Care clinic or telehealth setting, more effectively supporting everyone's processes.

Behavioral Health

Screen and perform an initial assessment before a warm handoff even occurs. Primary Care only hands off when required and you can start therapy in the moment when it is most effective.

Online Therapy

Use PsychScan to support therapy, remotely performing an initial assessment before the first session and track progress monitoring severity scores and differential changes in symptoms.

Outpatient Psychology

Connect through your EMR to initial assessment information including suicidality and dangerousness. Track progress through severity scores and differential changes in symptoms.


Along with using PsychScan in clinics, proactively use your data to find employees that are at risk and reach out or add them to a registry for periodic screening and assessment.

Recruitment & Triage

Ideal for teletherapy, offer PsychScan screening and assessment on your organizations website to engage, recruit and automatically triage patients based on their level of need.

Our smart technology gives you actionable information

PsychScan is a fully-automated mental health assessment for primary care and teletherapy. Patients self-administer the test in less than ten minutes using a smartphone, tablet, or browser. Health care providers immediately receive a test report with actionable information for treatment planning. PsychScan screens and assesses as needed, eleven common mental health disorders. It integrates seamlessly into busy medical settings, and provides clinically actionable information for treatment decisions. It can be re-administered for patient monitoring and outcome assessment.

Diagnose eleven DSM-5 disorders

PsychScan has high sensitivity and specificity. It provides a valid assessment for

  • Major Depression
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia)
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Binge-Eating Disorder
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Somatic Symptom Disorder
  • Psychotic Disorder (optional module)
PsychScan also flags emergent issues including suicide risk, violence risk, and recent physical or sexual abuse. Enable or disable these features to meet your clincial needs.

HIPAA Compliant, rock solid security

We are industry leaders in data security. Security protocols include Transport Layer Security (TLS), 256-bit AES encryption, multi-factor authentication, safe harbor data de-identification, and much more. We sign HIPAA Business Associates Agreements.

Test drive PsychScan

We’re so confident PsychScan is the right solution for your mental health assessment needs that we’re providing a fully functional demo to test drive right here, right now. Take a test drive. Put it through its paces. See our smart technology at work. When you finish, you'll see both the Client Report and the Clinician report, based on your specific answers.

Three Ways to Integrate PsychScan

Configure for your setting and expand as needed.

Tier 1  Cloud-Based

Sign up and receive a link you can publish for your practice to initiate PsychScan and get results in a secure email portal. Everything is done online making it easy to use.

Tier 2  On-Demand Apps

Download apps to manually initiate PsychScan and automatically get results. This enables individual patient progress monitoring and tracking for outcomes.

Tier 3  EMR Integrated

Automatically initiate PsychScan when scheduling and get results as lab data in your EMR to track and manage patients. Integration reduces staff and clinician time and cost.

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